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Our Senior Team

Between the two directors there’s extensive human resource management experience, basic air conditioning and refrigeration qualification, Admin management, 10 years combined experience in marketing, business management, customer service and project management qualification. We have highly qualified technicians who are well trained in their respectful fields. Our team has the analytical ability for effective and appropriate engineering solutions to problems. We apply principles of quality and professional engineering standards. Our technical team maintains a trust relationship in respect of our clients and the people/departments we work with.


Our Technical Team

We have self-motivated technicians with the initiative to lead. We use technical and economic criteria in reaching effective technical solutions. Our team has the ability to make independent decisions that are professional and of high mechanical standards. Our technical team has good problem solving skills and a creative approach to new ideas. We pride ourselves in being efficient, professional and providing good quality work to all our clients. We evaluate problems and provide mechanical devices that could solve them. Our team is constantly researching which allows the adaptation to emerging new technologies easier, thus providing services of high quality and of the latest technology available in the market. Researching and assessing new products and innovations allow us to compete with confidence.

Our Trusted Partners