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Introduction to CO AIR

Coair is a multi-disciplinary mechanical engineering and civil engineering company, with proven capabilities over a wide range of different technical fields. Coair is registered with the Industry development board (CIDB) as a contractor with the ability to work within the 6ME scope. Formation of the company resulted from the realization that the industry was lacking representation of South Africa’s majority. Coair is a level 1 BBBEE contributor and is 100% black female owned.

We work on power producing machines such as generators, electric stoves, electric motors, steam and gas. We also work on power producing machines such as refrigeration, air conditioning equipment, chiller plants, ducting and ventilation, machine tools, material handling systems and industrial production equipment used in manufacturing. We apply mature engineering judgments throughout decision-making with engineering problems, we accept responsibility for the decision our team takes. Good problem solving and creative approach to new ideas. We have good technical knowledge; we are involved in design, development, construction, testing and research relating to various machine tools, engines and power using equipment’s.

Repair Solution

Our Mission

Implement solutions that are innovative, environmentally considerate and economically viable in the matter that will fulfil the social needs of the communities we serve. Influence positive change in South Africa by using engineering that drives infrastructure development and positively influence economic growth with the areas we operate in. Dedicated to maintain professional standards within the mechanical engineering industry.

Our Vision

Improve ways of living by providing unique engineering solutions with a team consisting of diverse cultures, efficiently, effectively and at world class standards. To be amongst the leading firms in our field, providing and promoting BBBEE across all levels of our organization.

Health & Safety

Co Setati trading and projects management is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all its employees and client. All employees are trained with Basic Health and safety representative qualification- Occupational Health and safety act of 1993.

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